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Latino schoolkids hit the Wall

Latino schoolkids hit a wall – the Great Wall of China – and embrace it in an Oakland music class. “Carmen Chavez, whose son Alejandro, 8, plays the Chinese flute, said ”we like him learning a different culture...and he has taken to the flute like a duck to water.”

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Beautiful Purple Bamboos, Splendid Great Wall

On every Saturday afternoon the sound of traditional Chinese music can be heard from the big music room of the Laney Community College. About 40 students usually rehearse together there.

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A Beautiful Voice and Cultural Bridge

In the highly stylized world, of Chinese opera, everything from the makeup to the manner of singing can seem mysterious, even impenetrable, to those of other cultures. So how on Earth did 10-year-old Tyler Thompson of Oakland, Calif. come to be a young sensation of Chinese opera?

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Kids from all walks of life sing from the same page

Kids from all walks of life sing from the same page. And it’s in Mandarin. “That a younger generation is learning Chinese opera is heartening to many Chinese in the Bay Area, who fear that assimilation will cause the art form to lose its luster and die out.”

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KQED-TV "Spark" Program

The Great Wall Youth Orchestra was featured on a segment of the Bay Area arts magazine show “Spark.” Check out the link below.

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Oakland Discovers a New Talent in Chinese Opera

To see a young, elementary African-American student singing opera in a language farfrom his experience in urban Oakland, I was mesmerized and moved to tears.”

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Oakland Boy,9, a rising star in Chinese Opera

“Tyler, who sometimes also sings gospel and rap music, showed promise and soon graduated to Beijing-style opera, an ancient and dying art form that is difficult even for adult native speakers of Chinese.”

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