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Picking Mushrooms Photo

Picking Mushrooms

The Purple Bamboo Chorus sings about carefree young girls running to the hillside to gather mushrooms. One of them says “my mushrooms are as plentiful as stars in the night.”

Justice Bao Photo

Justice Bao

Bao Zheng was a fearless magistrate during the Sung Dynasty. Tyler Thompson is featured here as the solo singer, portraying Bao.

Flight Of the Bumblebee Photo

Flight Of the Bumblebee

This fast-paced song, written by Rimsky Korsakov, is played here by the plucked instrument section of the Great Wall Youth Orchestra.

Galloping Soldiers Photo

Galloping Soldiers

This song features a 3,000 year old mouth organ called the Sheng, played by Alejandro Chavez. It depicts soldiers protecting the frontiers of China.

Camels Bell Photo

Camels Bell

This song dates back to the camel caravans travelling along the Silk Road.This version features a solo by the Yang Qin, a hammered dulcimer.

Good News Photo

Good News from Afar

This is an upbeat ensemble piece, with the whole orchestra playing nearly throughout, and featuring brief solo parts for each section.

Hurtling the Horses Photo

Hurtling the Horses

This song describes an anxious farmer on a horse, rushing to deliver food to a village. It features Kayla Yang and Sabrina Ham on the Dizi (bamboo flute).

Battling The Typhoon Photo

Battling The Typhoon

This song was written in the 1960s. It uses non-traditional techniques and harmonic concepts to describe the human struggle to survive a disaster.