Our People

Sherlyn Chew, Founder and Artistic Director

Sherlyn Chew was born in Oakland, California and grew up steeped in traditional Chinese music. Her father, Poon L. Chew, a music history professor and a musician, began training her in music at the age of three.

Wanpeng Guo, Conductor and Music Coach

Wanpeng Guo studied at the China Conservatory of Music. He is an expert player of the Sheng, Suona, Guanzi and Dizi. He studied under the Sheng master, Professor Xhongfu Wu and became the principal Sheng player of China’s Central National Orchestra.

Victor Siu, Musical Director

Victor Siu assumed the position of Program Manager with the Purple Silk Music Education Foundation (PSMEF) in 2005 after serving for six years as a music coach for the Great Wall Youth Orchestra and Chorus.

Xian Lu, Music Coach

Xian Lu specializes in Chinese wind instruments, the Dizi, Xiao, Bawu and Xun .He studied flute with Chenglong Zhou of the Shanghai Folk Music Orchestra, flutist Jingsheng Dai and Professor Chunling Lu, the renowned flutist of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music.

Hecheng Liu, Music Coach

Hecheng Liu is a Pipa virtuoso. He began studying music when he was five and at age 11, was accepted as a gifted student by The Junior Division of the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing.

Lu Peng, Music Coach

Lu Peng specializes in the Yang Qin, the hammered dulcimer. She began performing at the age of six and in 1978 entered the Shanghai Conservatory of Music secondary school, then continued her studies at the Conservatory of Music under Professors Guo Minqin and Hong Shengmao.

Tao Shi, Music Coach

Tao Shi began studying the Erhu at the age of seven. In 1990 he earned his bachelor’s degree with honors from the prestigious Nan Jing Normal University where he majored in Erhu and piano. He won many national awards in China for his Erhu performances.

Man Cheng, Music Coach

Man Cheng specializes in the guzheng, the 21-string zither. He studied music under three masters: Cheng Dook Jak (percussion), Chung Hsiao Jun (guzheng)and Yu Po (san hsien). From 1970-84, he taught at Hong Kong Chinese University, Hong Kong Baptist College and Hong Kong Music Institute.

Lily Li, Music Coach

Ms. Li graduated from the Music Institute of Hunan in 1985 and finished her graduate studies in Cello at the Guangzhou Music Institute. Upon graduation, she began performing with the Hunan State Opera. In 1990, she joined the Shenzhen Art Center, and in 1 996, Ms. Li came to the U.S., where she has had numerous performances, She began teaching cello at Laney College in 2005.