Registration Information

Registration Information – Fall 2023

登記步驟 (Chinese Instructions)

Instruction for Enrollment 

There are three forms to be completed.

1. New students only: Admission Form (also known as the CCC form) must be completed on-line.

After you have completed the CCC form an email will be sent to you within 24 hours with your student I.D. number. Please use this I.D. number when filling out Enrollment form.

2. Enrollment Form – please complete the form that applies to you

Elementary and Middle School Special Enrollment (K-8) (中小學生登記表 (K-8 年級))
High School Special Enrollment (9-12) (高中生登記表 (9-12 年級))

Both forms require student’s signature and parent/ guardian’s signature. School seal/stamp and principal’s signature are still required.

Please return enrollment form by August 14, 2023 through email: [email protected]

3. Registration Form – Please complete this form.

You may register and pay tuition in person on August 19, 2023 between 9-12pm at Laney College located at 900 Fallon St. in room G181.

Please make check payable to : Purple Silk Music Education Foundation

Fee Chart

 Oakland Resident
Non Oakland Resident
New Student
$300 $400
Returning Student

Laney College Registration Video Tutorial

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